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We proudly present the new site of:

Welsh Coast m.c.c. Isalmaen.


In the 70s in Porthcawl (Wales), the Welsh Coast MCC was founded. After several years the club moved to Swansea and became the full name:

Welsh Coast m.c.c. Swansea

We belong to one of the traditional British motorcycle clubs that is into Rallies and is been seen often in various places in Europe on their way to have a good time. Political interests, ethnicity and religion play no role!

In 1985 the club was founded in the Netherlands and can look back this year (2015) on a long history with already 30 years. This will be celebrated in the summer during the annual International Clog’s Rally.

In Ireland (1985), Germany (1994) and Norway (1997) clubs were founded wo are our sister clubs with which a good and close contact is maintained.

This year (2015) for the 28th time we organise in August our
International Clog’s Rally and in Januari we welcome our friends and club members during our Winter Clog’s.

If you have any questions or would you come allong with us across Europe youre more than welkom.
Age or gender play no role,
an mature motorcycle is a must of course.

(I’ve used Google Translate so any suggestions are welkom)